Be You. Everyone Else Is Taken...

Hi Friends! 


I am Alison (aka Ali) and the owner of
Be You. Boutique. + Be Happy. Gifts

A Little About Me 

I love all things fashion and girly. I often get asked what my style is and to be honest, I don't have one "style", the way I dress + accessorize depends on my mood that day.  SO, you will find a little something in our boutique for YOUR style-truly, there's something for everyone!

I love Jesus, my tribe, our Goldendoodle (she's a real wackadoodle), Diet Coke, country music, sunny days by the pool, fall nights by a bonfire, sparkles and glitter, animal print, coffee, cocktails, watching my kids play sports and girl's weekends.  

Owning a boutique has always been a "someday" thought for me.  As with most things in my life, I let thoughts brew for some time, until one random, insignificant day-I get in "make things happen" mode and before long-thoughts become reality-and rather quickly! 

Thankfully my husband is always up for a good adventure. 

The Boutique's Name
Step one was to create a name which was an effortless task.  We have always taught our kids that conformity is not the way to live a full or happy life and to just "be yourself, they'll adjust".  Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.  So naturally, Be You. was formed!
Why Retail?
Shopping is a favorite past time.  My education is in business.  My experience is mostly from fashion companies.  Creating is my relaxation.  Building meaningful relationships and meeting new people energizes me.  Turns out that boutique ownership is a beautiful blend of each of these components!
My Why
One of my greatest joys is when the boutique is full of happy women, listening to some great music, enjoying a refreshment and shopping with their friends/family.  Those days remind me of my WHY.  Helping a woman find something she loves that fits HER style and gives her confidence is why I am here. Creating a beautifully packaged gift for someone in your tribe is why I am here.  Developing a welcoming, non-judgmental, authentic environment that has positive vibes is why we exist.
 Let’s Expand Our Gift Selections!
For 2 years we have known Be You. would have a sister boutique(s)! and this summer we took what we started at Be You. and expanded to another location 1 block south.  Gifting is our love language so you will find unique gifts that we would love to give or receive, seasonal decor, and other fun things to make you smile at Be Happy.
Grab your tribe and come see us.
Welcome to our Happy Place!  So glad YOU are here.